Senior software engineer with Ruby and Rails experience

 4 months ago


OnTheGoSystems is looking for senior developers to build products that over 250,000 happy clients use every day. 

We build highly scalable APIs on top of AWS infrastructure and work with terabytes of data sets that we expose via React based UI. We use Ruby on Rails, Javascript and React for most of our code, but always exploring new technologies and we are always open to incorporating new things in our workflow.

We pay close attention to design, usability, performance and security. If this sounds like yourself, we want to meet you.

What We Do

We develop software that Web developers use to build advanced Websites. Our software powers over 1.5 million commercial sites. We also need secure, scalable REST APIs to support our products.
We are integrating tens of external APIs and also expose tens of highly scalable API endpoints to 3rd parties.
We are using AWS for our infrastructure and we deal with a high amount of data both in MySQL and DynamoDB. We are also using Memcache and Redis to further optimize our systems.

How We Work

We work in teams of 4-8 people. Our work is fully remote, which allows us to enjoy life alongside work. We favor execution over discussions. All developers in our team participate in software architecture, implementation, maintenance and test automation.

Skills Required

  • Deep understanding of how WEB works, what is the full workflow from request to response
  • Experience in web related technologies, threats, common pitfalls and scalability
  • Experience in both Ruby and Rails, and also understand where the boundaries lie between them. You can code in Ruby without any of Rails’ training wheels if necessary.
  • Experience in mentoring coworkers and can give in-depth, productive feedback during code reviews, without being stuck in small details.
  • Experience  on code design and you can discuss your solution but you’re professional enough to acknowledge when better solutions are proposed by someone else. 
  • A good level of spoken and written English

It’d be a nice bonus if you already have some experience with React and/or AWS

Besides being smart, autonomous, and a great developer, you need to be a team player. We maintain a friendly environment, which allows us to be productive and enjoy our work.

What We Offer

This is a 100% remote position. Candidates must be self-motivated, focused and organized to succeed.

  • Be part of a team of smart, creative, and like-minded people
  • Work on exciting, high-impact projects
  • Have the freedom to create and implement innovative ideas
  • Meet and collaborate with team members across the globe
  • Full-time and steady position
  • A healthy work-life balance
  • Get great perks, including paid vacation, scholarship program, home office set-up package, and more…

Because this team is located in Europe, we are looking for candidates from European, the Middle East or African working hours. We will consider exceptional candidates from other time zones.

If you’re interested in joining us, please send your application and let’s talk.

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