Sr. Ruby Engineer

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 4 months ago

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA

About You
  • You love working in Ruby codebases and furthering your mastery of the Ruby language.
  • You are excited to take ownership of a reasonably large existing codebase and usher it to bigger and better places.
  • You love the opportunity to participate frequently in small group / pair-programming sessions for mentoring, cross-training, and collaboration.
  • You are motivated by working on hard and challenging problems rather than showing up just to checkboxes.
  • You are driven by building a world-class product and great user experience.
  • Your best day is seeing your team, who you’ve coached and mentored and collaborated with, deliver and achieve amazing results.
  • You relish the opportunity to work with a product team, engineers, customer success, and customers to ensure a surprisingly awesome customer experience.
  • You ask a lot of questions and love spirited yet professional debate, knowing it improves outcomes.
  • You are comfortable navigating uncharted waters within the company.
  • You are motivated by creating your own path to delivering value and taking full advantage of personal empowerment.
  • You work openly and honestly with your engineering and product peers to negotiate and document clear scoping & phasing boundaries for projects. You ensure that your team only commits to work that is realistically possible to deliver within standards of quality, timeliness, robustness, and appetite for technical debt. 
  • Whenever you touch code, you take the opportunity to leave it in a better place through appropriate improvements in refactoring, testing, or documentation.

  • Deliver awesome, fun, engaging, and reliable solutions.
  • Collaborate with the team, partners, and customers to provide accurate estimations, timelines, costs, and risks associated with development.
  • Create clear, concise deliverables that communicate your plans and allow the team to successfully execute ideas.
  • Actively participate in stand-ups, meetings, and design sessions.
  • Participate in code reviews, vendor selection, research, 1 on 1’s and discussion to help you and the team with professional development.
  • Work cross-functionally on teams to implement search heuristics, and be an expert on our data.
This includes;
  • Writing ElasticSearch queries.
  • Stitching data together to be in easily aggregatable formats.
  • Helping Middleware and Frontend Engineers understand the search data.

What a successful first year looks like

  • First 30 days
  • Familiarize yourself with our product, ops architecture, and front-end codebases to develop a strong understanding of our business and how all of the product & code pieces fit together.
  • Quickly learn and become proficient at working with WebAPI, the official oData API of the Real Estate Standards Organization for working with real estate data.
  • Working with the product & engineering teams, start designing & delivering great code -- consistent with our coding style, architectural, and testing practices -- to support current roadmap items.
  • Participate in 1-1’s with your manager.
  • Learn about our hiring process and assist in the interviewing, hiring, and onboarding of additional members for your team.
  • First 180 Days
  • Work with the product team to understand the medium- and long-term roadmap and advise them on what is possible based on the current & anticipated team size.
  • Continue to build capacity in your team by hiring and onboarding additional team members. You will develop a playbook to successfully onboard team members intentionally and productively to hit the ground running in our product, team, and cultural environment.
  • Further your team’s professional development and productivity through routine, proactive 1-1’s and team project retrospectives. Take responsibility for identifying and implementing opportunities for improvement.
  • Lead your team through periodic code, architecture, and design reviews to help build a productive, high-trust team environment.
  • First 365 days
  • Lean into the hypergrowth of the engineering and product teams by proactively working with your team and other teams/team leads to grow personally while maintaining a high-trust, productive product development culture.

  • 6-8 years experience with Ruby / Ruby on Rails / Sidekiq.
  • Experience with Postgres, Elastic Search, Redis
  • Experience in core aspects of web application development including design, development, architecture, separation of layers, configuration, performance, integration, analytics
  • Excellent Written and Verbal communication skills; strong interpersonal skills.
  • Detail-Oriented, self-starter, motivated, results-driven, with a high level of energy, enthusiasm, and initiative.

Nice To Have
  • Experience using Kanban to meet deliverables.
  • Experience with Kubernetes.

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