Full Stack Software Developer

 Memphis, TN
 2 years ago

Headquarters: Memphis, TN
URL: http://www.lensrentals.com

Lensrentals is the largest online rental provider for photography, videography, and lighting equipment and accessories in the United States.
We write software that supports our core business functions and helps us serve hundreds of thousands of photographers and videographers annually. 
As a Full Stack Software Developer at Lensrentals, you’ll be joining the development team consisting of 7 people where you can work on the next generation of our software.  In this highly-collaborative environment, you will have the opportunity to grow as a software engineer, and even help mentor others.

We strongly believe in teamwork, and we encourage and trust our people to reach higher, learn more, and live up to their potential. 
We are looking for developers to help us build a fast, reliable, secure, and resilient platform. Are you ready to get started? Apply Today!

Things we like:
  • Prior experience with production large-scale distributed systems
  • Familiarity with technologies we use (Ruby, Rails, React)
  • A hunger for tracking down root causes - no matter how deep the rabbit hole
  • A BS in CS is appreciated but not necessary with the right background

What you’ll do:
  • Learn about the business to help bring value to our customers
  • Partnering with other engineers and technical leadership to build high quality software following industry best practices
  • Design, implement, and test new functionality
  • Develop solutions that add value and efficiency across systems with minimal technical debt
  • Do full stack development from the DB to the UI
  • Use your experience to help the whole team get better

Required Qualifications/Skills:
  • 3+ years in the software engineering profession with demonstrated success designing and building high-quality, commercial software applications 
  • Understanding of front-end technologies and platforms
  • Proficient in relational database management systems (RDBMS) 
  • Experience with distributed systems in a production environment
  • Familiarity with  NoSQL datastores such as MongoDB, Cassandra etc.
  • Knowledge of the SOLID development principles
  • Knowledge of CAP Theorem
  • Willingness to learn new things and adopt new technologies
  • Teamwork is a must

Preferred Qualifications:
  • Knowledge of Go programming language
  • Experience using containerization platforms such as Docker
  • Experience with microservices or SOA patterns

What you’ll get:
  • Market rate salary based on experience
  • Casual environment
  • 15 Paid Days off + 7 holidays 
  • Excellent benefits package that includes a 401(k) match, medical/dental/vision insurance and much more
  • Employee equipment rentals
  • A unique opportunity to shape our team as we build

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/lensrentals-full-stack-software-developer

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