Senior Full Stack Developer (Ruby on Rails)

 2 years ago

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Senior Full Stack Developer (Ruby on Rails)

Location: Remote

About Nearcut

We are the industry leader in online booking and marketing software for barbers. Barbershops often don't have the capacity to attract business online and organise their time - on top of providing their barbering service. We provide booking and marketing software to enable business owners to easily take bookings online, manage their time and market to their customers.

About the Opportunity

We’re looking for a Senior Full Stack Developer to join us at Nearcut. You will join a small team dedicated to building impactful and maintainable software. No day will be the same - you will have the opportunity to work on a variety of tasks across the business. Your opinions and ideas will shape the future of the company.

As a Senior Full Stack Developer, you will collaborate closely with our technical founder, two other full stack developers and a UX designer. Your work will impact millions of customers and help us to continue to expand across Europe. You will be responsible for entire features, from ideation to delivery.

Our product is built on Ruby on Rails. Some of our stack includes Rspec, MySQL, Docker Compose, Rubocop and (soon) Stimulus. We build software in the Rails way and are not concerned with the latest JS framework craze. Currently, we use Ruby 2.5 and Rails 5.0 but are in the process of upgrading both. Two years ago we adopted Test Driven Development in all of our work and our test suite covers around 90% of our code base and is continuously increasing. We're maintaining and expending a large legacy code base (over 220 controllers) and we're committed to refactoring all sub-standard code as we encounter them. We can do so with the confidence that we will keep the existing behaviour, thanks to our extensive test suite.

Your expertise
  • You have at least 3 years of professional software development experience in Ruby on Rails
  • You have at least 5 years of professional software development experience
  • You work using test driven development
  • You have a passion for building beautiful object-oriented software
  • You have implemented numerous full-stack features in production applications
  • You take an active interest in best practices
  • You enjoy learning new skills and tackling different technical challenges
  • You are attentive to problems and want to help customers succeed
  • You have experience working in startups
  • You can be available for some core hours in the European time zone

Your responsibilities
  • Implement new features, using TDD and refactoring your work to meet best practices
  • Review tests and refactor sub-standard code as you come across it
  • Investigate and fix bugs
  • Investigate customer UX/UI problems and implement fixes to resolve any recurring problems that customers/staff face
  • Offer feedback on code reviews to help others to improve
  • Offer suggestions during the design process
  • Iterate and tailor your work based on client feedback

Your first month
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of our product and understand our development cycle by:
    • Reviewing our existing codebase and refactoring sub-standard code
    • Investigating and fixing bugs
  • Offer your suggestions on how we can improve the development process, product and codebase
  • Build and deploy at least one full-stack feature

Benefits of our working environment
  • Remote-first: We are a remote-first company without an in person office. We trust our employees to work flexibility and autonomously to efficiently meet business goals.
  • Flexible working hours: Aside from regular team meetings and availability during core hours, we are happy for you to complete your work whenever you’re most productive.
  • Close team: Although we work remotely, our team is close knit and colleagues are always there to help one another.
  • Customer feedback: Our customers are small business owners and we are privileged to work closely with them to continue to improve our product.
  • Bootstrapped: We have never raised external capital. We have no distractions from past or future investors. We're entirely focused helping our customers and we're taking our time to grow sustainably.
  • Holidays: We provide 25 holiday days per year, in addition to Berlin region public holidays.
We’re a small team and we’re passionate about being a great company to work with and work for.

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