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 New York, NY
 a year ago

Headquarters: New York, NY

Harvest Engineering

At Harvest, you’ll be working with a team of honest and respectful engineers who value giving and receiving feedback and trust that they can count on each other.

The Harvest Engineering Department consists of three divisions: Software Engineering, Operations Engineering, and Quality Engineering. Our Software Engineering division is comprised of two teams: Experiences and Ecosystem.

Our Ecosystem team is focused on building an expansive set of integrations and evolving our API to better enable customers to use Harvest with their other favorite tools seamlessly. This team also designs and owns several backend services related to authentication, authorization, and billing.

Our Experiences team creates web, mobile, and desktop applications that provide performant, meaningful, and relevant experiences for our customers. This team is focused on building a first-in-class, design-focused product that changes how timekeeping feels by reducing friction and effort in the time-tracking experience.

Why We’re Hiring

Our Engineering team is growing and we’re currently looking for a Software Engineer to join us here at Harvest.

Our Software Engineering teams are focused on a variety of high-impact work that is aimed at delivering a best-in-class, multi-device experience and a large set of available integrations that allow our customers to get the most out of tracking their time while seamlessly blending into their workflows.

This position is for the Ecosystem team.


You’ll help guide our efforts by developing and maintaining Harvest applications and services, improving application performance, and extending the functionality of our product to help better serve our customers.

What You’ll Do

  • Build backend applications and create scalable services.
  • Help evolve and extend our API and ensure our API documentation serves our customers well.
  • Be a great teammate by improving our technical documentation and code quality, and contributing ideas to our technology.
  • Work with cross-functional teams to create work you’re proud of, better understand our customers’ needs, formulate use cases, and translate those into solutions.
  • Use metrics, data, and customer feedback to improve application performance
  • Work with a diverse, remote-first team of kind humans that span the globe.
Who You Are

  • You enjoy learning and view mistakes as opportunities to grow, and teach others. You’re open to jumping into new areas and working outside your comfort zone.
  • You have a strong interest in experimenting with new technologies and building prototypes.
  • You balance reaching out for help from others with researching solutions on your own. You know where to find answers and when to ask for assistance.
  • You care about the details, but not at the cost of the big picture. You believe finishing a good project is better than waiting for perfection.
  • You’re a great communicator and proactively raise concerns and suggestions for how we can get better as a team. You anticipate problems and help organize the effort or plans to improve these situations.
  • You believe feedback is a gift, seek it out, and act on it.
What You’ve Done

  • You have experience working with various API approaches including REST and GraphQL.
  • You've written robust and reliable code in a modern language or framework such as JavaScript, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, or have a strong interest in learning these technologies.
  • You’ve worked with cross-functional teams to lead small projects and are comfortable breaking down large projects into smaller tasks, explaining the work in both technical and non-technical terms, and negotiating the scope of work with your team.
  • You’re familiar with monoliths and service-oriented architecture and understand the pitfalls, benefits, and tradeoffs of each approach.
When You Apply

In your cover letter, please include responses to the following:

  • How do you get to know new team members and build trust with them?
  • Why did you decide to apply to Harvest specifically?

On your application form, please respond to the following question:

  • Share an example of great API design and developer documentation. Tell us what you appreciate about it. Also, provide an example that you’ve found to be lacking and tell us how you think it could be improved.

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