Ruby on Rails API Engineer

 Power Auctions LLC
 Washington DC
 2 months ago

Headquarters: Washington DC

The Power Auctions software team works closely with the world's leading experts on auction design, implementing innovative ideas from an academic environment in real-world applications of high economic and social impact. For example, we are currently helping the government of Botswana to sell diamonds mined in the country directly to diamond dealers, for a market price determined in a fair, transparent, and efficient auction. Our team built and successfully deployed the highest revenue auction ever, an $81 billion FCC spectrum auction.

We are currently looking for software developers with Ruby on Rails experience to join our team. We value true Rubyists who understand the language and know how to use it in an object-oriented manner.  All of our code is test-driven because our solutions have to be correct.  We believe in principles such as Single Responsibility, Law of Demeter, and Dependency Injection. Given the nature of our project deliveries, we are able to stay current with the latest versions of our languages and tools.

You will be collaborating with our Project Management & QA teams to develop new software for different auction designs and customers. You may be required to implement a set of mathematical equations or design a complex workflow.  You may also be required to interface directly with our customers to understand their requirements.

Power Auctions is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We encourage candidates from underrepresented minorities to submit resumes for consideration. Please note that this position does require U.S. Citizenship or Permanent Residency.

Required Qualifications and Skills
  • 4+ years of experience using Ruby on Rails and TDD
  • Proficiency with a Unix command line interface
  • Comfortable with relational databases and SQL
  • Solid oral and written English communication skills and ability to express complex ideas clearly and succinctly in writing
  • Enthusiasm to work in a fast-paced and dynamically changing environment
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Ability to work autonomously with minimal supervision
  • Ability and patience to pay attention to detail
  • US Citizen or Permanent Resident
Desired Experience
  • A degree in computer science, mathematics, science, economics, or any related mathematical field
  • 4+ years of web development experience (HTML/CSS/JS/backend)
  • Experience with rspec, minitest, and/or capybara
  • Experience with any Javascript framework
  • Experience with Elixir
  • Object-oriented design skills
  • Database and data modeling skills
  • Experience with AWS and Docker
  • Experience building complex systems
  • Has or can obtain a security clearance
What we offer

We offer competitive salaries with annual bonus, three weeks vacation, 10 paid holidays, 401(k), medical benefits, and flexible hours. If there is something specific that helps you personally, we can usually work something out!

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