Senior Engineer (Knowledge Graph)

 a year ago

Headquarters: Worldwide

TL;DR: build a knowledge graph of the US Healthcare system at a Healthcare Data Start-up helping new Healthcare technologies get adopted by doctors quickly.

Our Company:
we build data and software tools for sales and marketing teams that sell healthcare products, to ensure that adoption of new technologies is not a limiting factor to improving patients' quality of life. We're a well-funded and experienced 6-person team with rapidly growing and happy customers.

Our Product: is a database of every person and organization in the US Healthcare system, with detailed information on each entity and their relationships to each other.

Your Mission: is to organize a wide variety of different Healthcare data sources to form one coherent picture of the US Healthcare system as a Knowledge Graph. This requires solving a variety of challenging Information Retrieval, Entity Resolution, and Classification problems.

Our Team:
  • Sam (CEO) Co-Founded a Clinical Diagnostics Lab that raised $14 million from Y Combinator and A16z.
  • Sav (CTO) was the CTO of a start-up which he scaled to $50M in revenue.
  • Nike (Founding Engineer) built and led the Huffington Post's remote engineering team.
  • Denis (Data Engineer) was the lead Dev Ops engineer at a successful Real Estate start-up.
  • Martin (Data Engineer) has been the software lead / CTO at multiple start-ups.
  • Rayhnuma (Head of Business Operations) was a senior product manager at a Healthcare Data Company.
What we're looking for:
  • Statistics. You have 20+ years of incremental advancement from 2+2=4 (perhaps a PhD or equivalent professional experience using applied statistics).
  • Programming. You rapidly write high quality code.
  • Graph XP. You’ve (ideally) worked on solving entity resolution / record linkage / knowledge graph problems.
  • Manager of 1. You can see a complex project from inception to happy users with no oversight. You won't, because we're collaborative. But you could.
  • Low ego. You give and receive feedback easily, and assume good intent.
  • Remote Experience. You are comfortable working with colleagues across large time zone differences.
  • Interest in Healthcare. You are, or are interested in becoming, a domain expert in Healthcare.
What We Offer:
  • Transparency, trust and integrity. We are honest, principled, and treat others as we would like to be treated.
  • Talented Coworkers. Who are a pleasure to work with.
  • Generous Stock Options. We're early in our start-up journey so can offer potentially life-changing equity grants.
  • Remote-first. We are global team that adheres to remote-first best practices.
  • Mission-driven. An opportunity to quantifiably improve human life.
  • Fun. Serious work does not have to be done seriously. Life is short.

To apply:

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